Big Box Pallet Cage

Highly Efficient Truck Fill and Space Saving with maximized storage

The Big Box is a relatively new product that is ideal for companies wanting to reduce OHS risks in the workplace whilst maximising cubic efficincy in their logistics.

Just like the Smart Cube Pallet Cage, the Big Box Pallet Cage is a foldable and stackable distribution stillage that can be used to handle or store your products with minimal manual handling. It is designed to replace loose loading between terminals and to improve terminal handling while keeping highly efficient truck fill.


The Big Box offers:

  • double stacking
  • easy tipping
  • walk-in access
  • space saving in warehouse & during transport
  • maximized internal dimensions due to thin but strong wall construction

With walk-in access and easy to operate by one person, it is suitable for internal and external use and safe to operate.