About Us

Founded in 2002 by Tom Hart-Davies, Retailquip is a proudly family-owned and operated Australian business that has been providing material handling and logistics equipment to many of Australia's largest retailers, warehouses, logistics carriers and operations for over 20 years. With a national footprint, we are the leading supplier of distribution equipment and returnable load carriers in Australia.

We design, supply, lease and service a variety of high quality and trusted roll cages, stillages, returnable load carriers and other supply chain solutions to major retailers, distribution companies, parcel and post, service companies, hospital and linen services, mining companies and a wide variety of manufacturers.

Our passion lies in working with companies to develop, optimise and create value across supply chains with an emphasis on safety and enhancing sustainability. We help you to understand your full supply chain and ensure you are delivering to your consumers as efficiently as possible.

Backed by innovation, we design custom solutions to solve your toughest supply chain problems.

Our Values

Safety First
Integrity Always
Customer Centric
Solutions Driven
One Team

For over 20 years we have been proud to work with a wide range of customers in enhancing and optimizing their supply chains. As a family owned and operated Australian business – we provide the best possible service, quality and support to our customers. Your supply chain is your largest operational cost – let us help you turn that into your largest competitive advantage.

Clare Hart-Davies
Managing Director