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Roll Cages & Accessories

Rollcage trolleys make material handling operations faster and return logistics more efficient, saving up to 80% of space. Wheeled rollcage trolleys are extremely efficient and versatile, and can be used in many different applications.


Stillages & Pallet Type Equipment

Collapsible, foldable and stackable stillages with drop down gates, all made to Australian pallet footprints (1165 x 1165) and compatible with forklifts & MHE. Reduce the need for double handling and integrate solutions that simplify your supply chain.


Retail Lean System

Turn your standard pallet into 6 separate merchandise units which can be wheeled straight onto shop floors. Increasing efficiency by reducing double handling, improving replenishment speeds and reduced labour costs.


Electric Tugs & Movers

Electric tugs deliver the safe, controlled movement of heavy-wheeled loads. With a compact design and no operator license required, eliminate manual handling, protect your people and improve operational efficiency.


Distribution Dollies

The 4 wheeled distribution dolly provides an efficient material handling solution, improving supply chain efficiency and ensuring strict occupational health and safety standards are met. Our drinks and wine trays are compatible with our dollies, and reduce the need for cardboard packaging and shrink wrap.

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