The HPC is optimised for manual handling operations. 2 folding cages are transported onto a lockable pallet with the advantage of rolling off and being used as final distribution unit.

The ergonomic unit features a half drop-down gate on each side and is ideal for merchandising operations in retail locations where space is at a premium.

  • Half drop down gate for easy access & loading
  • Roll on, Roll off operation
  • Locking Pallet System
  • Sticker plate for barcodes & scanning
  • Access for Forklifts & Material Handling equipment


  • Efficient manual handling combined with high truck fill
  • Allows more sorting destinations, facilities and cross-docking
  • A wheeled unit that rolls straight to destination or shelf.
  • Australian pallet footprint (1165 x 1165)
  • Small footprint and double-stacking.
  • Efficient storage & return logistics
  • Foldable and stackable when empty.
  • Eliminates un-necessary shrink wrap saving excess packaging & plastic.
  • Keeps cargo secure and protected.
  • Compatible with Forklifts & MHE.