Foldia XL Plus

A trolley that is lightweight with adjustable height to suit your requirements.


The Foldia XL Plus is a trolley that was developed to integrate seamlessy into any supply chain or logistics environment.

The key difference, is that it has adjustable height extensions. 

With various different height extensions - it is ideal for when you want to adjust your load when needed. You simply adjust the height to the desired level and then away you go.

Just like the standard Foldia XL It can be used with almost any standard Material Handling Equipment, such as a Forklift, Pallet Jack and is lightweight, compact and easily extendable to suit your loading requirements making it extremely  efficient.

With an Australian Footprint of 1150 x 775mm it offers optimal cubic truck fill making it ideal for all stock picking and distribution operations.

It is by far the most efficent nesting cage globally with a nesting increment of 5:1