Electric Tugs

Battery Operated & Fully Electric - no fuel or fumes
Move Move Heavy Loads from 50k up to 360,000kg
Choose from a Wide variety of tugs
No Licence Required
Powerful and easy to use

Roll Cage Mover

Powerful yet easy to use electric tug mover
Reduces manual handling
Perfect for small or confined areas
No Diesel Fumes

Rubbish Bin Mover

Ideal for Commercial or Residential Properties
Move Plastic or Steel Bins easily
100% Electric, Battery Operated

Semi Trailer Mover

Powerful yet easy to use electric tug mover
Dramatic reduction in manual handling
Perfect for small/confined areas or long passage ways
Increases productivity

MasterMover Electric Tugs

With our range of Electric Tugs you can easily and safely move loads from 50 kg up to 360,000 kg


Helping transport companies to move heavy trailers

Helping healthcare workers move trollies

Helping move car trailers

Move rubbish bins up & down slopes

Move shopping trolleys easily

Ideal for bulk/heavy objects in construction & mining

What can you move?

MasterMover provide a wide range of Electric Tugs designed to move your load safely, and efficiently.

With an unrivalled range of compact, battery-powered electric tugs - improve operational efficiency, reduce manual handling and promote lean manufacturing across many industries – there is a MasterMover to suit your requirements.

Electric Tugs

Move Heavy Loads, Safely

In busy environments, manual handling pressures can put a strain on staff, leading to lower productivity and an increased risk of accidents. Moving loads – especially over longer distances, on uneven surfaces and around obstacles can also pose a danger to staff.

Retailquip provides manual handling solutions to reduce risk and provide complete control when moving goods in and out.

We’ve helped dozens of companies in industries such as Residential, Healthcare, Hotels, Construction & Mining to move heavy objects on wheeled loads and rails, safely & efficiently.

We can move loads from 50kgs right up to 360,000kg.

Our most popular units, are the powerful yet compact SM100 and AT200 Tugs which are ideal for safely and securely transporting loads of up to 2,000 kg.

Retailquip also offers electric tugs capable of moving roll cages over great distances with ease and all-terrain electric tugs for tricky to negotiate surfaces. Additional options including remote-controlled operation for complete visibility.

WHS – No back injuries, muscle strains or fatigue
Move heavy loads quicker, faster and safely.
Improve efficiencies in your workplace
Small, compact & easy to use
No licence required

Why use a Electric Tug?

Available Australia Wide

Browse some of our most popular Electric Tug models...

See some of the projects we have been involved in...

Roll Cages
Event Management
Mining & Construction
A-MasterMover-moving-2-x-Rubbish-Bins (2)
Rubbish Bin Mover
Shopping Trolleys

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