ATP400 Pusher

Capable of moving loads up to 80,000kg on rails

The All Terrain Pusher ATP400 is an electric tug designed to push wheeled loads, even if the floor surface is less than perfect. Whether it be a long train of roll cages or a huge load on rails, the ATP400 electric tug possesses more than enough power.

A combination of its AC drive motor and high-torque gearbox provide that power whilst traction is achieved via a leverage system and chunky pneumatic wheels. A steel chassis gives the tug strength and a self-levelling castor is one of many safety features.



  • Battery Monitoring System
  • FEA tested steel chassis
  • High-torque grearbox
  • AC Drive Motor
  • Self-levelling Support Castor
  • Leveraged Weight Transfer
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Anti Crush Button

Optional Extra’s:

  • Optional flashing safety light and motion bleeper
  • Optional Two Speed Selector Switch
  • Optional Wireless control handset
  • Optional Wheel protectors
  • Optional Lithium battery

Safety Features

Technical Specification

  • Product code: ATP400
  • Recommended load weight – Castors 5000 kg
  • Recommended load weight – Rails 80000 kg
  • Machine weight including battery: 350 kg
  • Drive type: Electric AC
  • Parking brake: Electromagnetic
  • Drive wheel type: Foam Filled
  • Drive motor power: 2 kW
  • Controller type: AC
  • Variable machine speed: 0.1 km/h – 5 km/h