Hybrid Tray Dolly

Distribution Dollies & Trays

Our 4 Wheeled Distribution Dolly range improves your supply chain efficiency and fit a variety of different trays from Tote Boxes, Butcher Tubs, Cardboard Sleeves and other crates of different sizes.

This multi purpose dolly (known as the Hybrid Dolly) has a metal frame and a plastic deck constructed for strength and durability throughout your supply chain. It is a lightweight & durable wheeled platform that fits a variety of different trays, tote boxes, butcher tubs, cardboard sleeves, and other crates of different sizes.

The efficiency of this Hybrid Tray Dolly provides material handling solutions, improving supply chain efficiency and keeping up with strict occupational health and safety standards.



  • 4 wheeled tray dollies provide material handling efficiencies in warehousing and distribution
  • A variety of different beverage trays, tote boxes, cardboard sleeves and butcher tubs can all fit on these dollies
  • 4 Wheeled Tray Dollies stack on top of each other for efficient storage and return logistics
  • Tray dollies are suitable for automated order picking
  • These dollies help improve supply chain efficiency
  • Improves OHS standards
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Four 100mm wheels (2 fixed, 2 swivel)