Bread Crate Dolly

The Bread Crate Dolly

The Bread Crate Dolly, has a strong tube metal construction and fits a range of bakery trays & crates.

Used throughout your supply chain, this bread crate dolly is suitable for a wide range of bakery trays/crates. It features a strong tube metal construction, and is safe and ergonomic whilst also making it easy for the operator to transport your goods throughout movement of the store or warehouse.


Weight of unit:   14 kg
Load capacity 1 (with a 1.25 factor of safety):  340 kg
External length:   1200 mm
External width:    695 mm
External height:   189 mm
Height to base level:   185 mm
Height from ground to underside of base frame:  151 mm
Nesting increment:  151 mm
Clearance between castors (1200 side):  945 mm
Clearance between castors (695 side):  440 mm


Type, diameter:   4 swivel, Ø 125 mm
Material:   CPD, UV-protected
Bearings:  Roller bearings with thread-guards