Insert Bag

Perfect for all types of rubbish, cardboard, plastic etc with a large open bag to wheel to the bin.

The Insert Bag is a alternative solution for waste management. It features a large open bag, which sits inside a 2 Sided or 4 Sided Roll Cage allowing you to store your rubbish as needed.

Where as the Tidy Trolley has compartments to sort your rubbish, this insert bag allows a much bigger load to carry your rubbish by inserting it into the Roll Cage trolley.

The bag has a much larger storage capacity eliminating the need to cart around Shopping Trolleys with rubbish, and the Insert Bag integrates with your existing fleet or Roll Cages.

It is ideal for a variety of uses in both small & large shopping centre stores where rubbish is stored in a seperate area.

Optional branding with your logo on the bag, can also be added if desired.