A New Invention for a Roll Cage Trolley in Private School

Brisbane Private School uses Roll Cages to move IT Equipment

Not a day goes by when we find a new use for these very versatile Roll Cages,

Located in Queensland, Brisbane – Retailquip was contacted by a Brisbane private school looking to move some of their IT equipment around the premises.

With a large number of computer equipment, and technology supplies required to pickup & collect them at the end of the term, they then wipe and reconfigure them for a new term. Retailquip was pleased to sell approximately 10 x standard 4 Sided Roll Cage Trolleys to help aid their technology department.

Our Roll Cage Trolley was the perfect product, allowing them to move anywhere up to maximum working load of 500kg, around the school carrying various computer equipment and hardware.

Retailquip was proud to supply the school with our equipment, and solve a complicated process with a simple solution.

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