2 Sided Roll Cage

Product Details:


Fast and Efficient Replenishment

The 2 Sided H Frame Rollcage enables fast and efficient replenishment reducing handling required in the supply chain.

Nestable rollcage trolleys make material handling operations faster and return logistics more efficient, saving up to 80% of space. These wheeled rollcage trolleys are extremely efficient and versatile, and can be used in many different applications, especially in distribution centres, supermarkets and the retail industry in general.

Rollcage Trolleys are commonly known as roll containers or compactainers in europe where they are used by many retailers, in supermarkets and distribution centres.


  • Fast and Efficient material handling reducing manual handling required throughout the supply chain.
  • Manual handling is minimised resulting in less product damage and personal injury
  • Ergonomic design reduces secondary packaging and shrink wrapping needed
  • Strong construction with very high quality wheels and forks granting low rollcage trolley maintenance costs
  • The roll cage trolley can help save time and space throughout the whole supply chain; from supplier to distribution centre to the supermarket.
  • Roll cage trolleys supply better vehicle fill with larger loads
  • Nestability makes operations faster and return logistics more efficient, saving up to 80% of space
  • Roll cage trolleys enable mixed loads
  • Ongoing repair and maintenance capability from Retailquip

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